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San Diego Behavioral Intervention

Key to Behavior provides behavioral intervention to children and families affected by Autism and other disabilities. The Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) at Key to Behavior, have been specifically trained in the use of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and look forward to individualizing programs to help each client be successful in increasing desired skills, and reducing problematic behaviors. Learn more about us: Our story, services, and staff.


Our Mission

Quality Behavior Analytic Services

Our mission at Key to Behavior is to provide quality behavior analytic services that is both empirically validated and responsive to our clients specific needs.  We aim to provide quality intervention, and fully supporting the unique needs of each family we serve. By keeping caseloads small, each client will receive top priority and attention to detail, while creating trusting and lasting relationships with each staff member. Together, we will unlock your child's success.


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& Techniques

At Key to Behavior, LLC, each child's programs and techniques are individualized to meet their unique needs. Our staff takes the time to get to know each child and family and understand where improvement can be made.  Your child's programs can focus on anything from self-help and communication, to social skills and academics. A wide range of parent training topics can also be covered. We will do whatever it takes to give your family the skills needed to be successful.


Individualized Instruction

BCBAs will work with you to select programs in the areas of communication and language, learn-to-learn skills, academics, social and self-help skills. Each program and technique used will be individualized to your child's unique learning style.  Data will be monitored closely by your BCBA and changes will be made based on your child's progress.


Community Based Programming

Programming is not limited to your home! Often children with special needs have a difficult time in community settings making daily activities such as going to the grocery store, the doctor, or even your local playground difficult.  Programs can be written for your child's specific issues in the community and our trained staff can help you navigate these challenging situations.

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Social Skills

Navigating our social world is extremely important, and another area of struggle for kids with special needs. Programs in this area will help children learn how to respond to others in socially appropriate ways as well as develop and keep friendships. Social skills groups with other children your child's age can give them a way to practice and maintain their developing social skills.


Parent Training

Parents are essential to their child’s success. We help you to identify areas you struggle with, and then teach you skills to help you and your child progress together. Parent training allows for you to carry over techniques to the home environment when the staff is not working with your child, which in turn will help your child reach goals even faster!


We accept a variety of insurance plans and offer private-pay options. Please inquire.

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